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“Choice Beyond Reason” p: 66

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 24 Adar II 5772 

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The experience of the soul is enhanced by the kisses/neshikin.

Despite the revelation of the essence of the soul, there will be advantage in the kiss. The kiss will provide a different appreciation. This doesn't contradict the truth that the souls are rooted in essence. The physical unity results in an essential 'download' – ie the souls, yet they request and crave the kisses from above. By means of this ha-arah/reflection/kiss there will be not only the presence of essence, but the revelation of essence.

This means the souls are essential, and rooted in essence and their desire for the kisses does not detract from this principle.

That the souls are rooted in essence is why the were chosen by Him, to the exclusion of anything else. He made many things and selected one of them for Himself. In each category he chose one. Of the 7 days he chose Sabbath. He made many lands and chose the Land of Israel. He made many nations and chose The Nation Israel. 

"Who are we...?!" - in 26 seconds

The principle of choice as discussed in chassidus: choice/bechirah represents a paradox. If you chose one from among many and provide a reason for the choice then the word bechirah/choice does not apply. It is not the choice of a particular element - he is taking the one that benefits him most – he is choosing himself! Bechirah denotes a pure selection. It is selected due to what it is, rather than to how it will affect you. There is no expressible reason...

In everything there is its functional quality – a ha-arah/reflection – what its used for and how it affects things... And then there is a completely different dimension – the essence of the object - and it is pointing directly to the G-dly quality. In the world, by worldly standards it is all about function. But we do recognize a different dimension and value that is beyond function and explanation. This is a recognition of a G-dly presence in the world. 

Someone sent the Rebbe an automatic letter opener. The Rebbe sent it back and said it was too noisy. They found a quite machine and sent it to the Rebbe. The Rebbe sent it back. Why did you reject it? 'These letters were written by people pouring out their hearts, and some were sealed with tears, and now I'll have a machine open it?!' This is appreciation beyond function.

So this kind of choice/bechirah does not exist in the world. In world per se it is all about function. In truth there is bechirah/truth. He made many days, but even though functionally they are identical, yet they are separate creations, and from them He chose one of them.

The world appears so real to us because of His reality.

He chose Israel, because they are rooted in essence. This is not like saying, 'He chose these soul because there is a greater affinity between Him and them'.

Choice is unique and exists only because the word is a G-dly creation. And thus there is an essential reality to things.

Even at the time of exile when we are further from our Father, yet still, He comes and draws His nation from out of another nation. Even as we were mixed into the Egyptian exile and sunk into that culture, yet He identified Israel there and chose them exclusively. As it says, 'into the garden of nuts I descended'. Just like the nut is totally concealed and covered by its shell, and we crack the nut and take the fruit, so too when we were sunk into Egypt up to the 49th gate of impurity, still He, Himself came down there and break the shell and take us out.

The plague of 'killing the firstborn' was done by Him, as he took out his children Israel. Israel was pulled up and out from a state of complete dissolution of their identity. 'Not by mean of an angel, but only Him Himself, was the only one capable of making distinction at this level'.

Malchus represents that there is an essence there. In human experience, we have all kinds of faculties and abilities. He eats, works, socializes, sleeps, studies etc... If you take all this stuff you will see he can do all this without having his own home... Why does he need a home? Why is it key to being a human being? If you have everything and lack a home then you live at the level of an animal. This is the view of scientists – man is a 'smart animal'. Malchus represents the essential truth... This is where yidden/Jews are identified – not in functionality at all.

The only way for us to extricated from our absorption in Egypt/exile was by means of the revelation upon them the King of kings of kings (Melech, malchei, hamlachim).

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