Thursday, March 15, 2012

“Future Kiss” p: 66

'Forest' by Joel Andersson
AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 21 Adar II 5772 

Page 66 – lower quarter of the page (line starts, 'bechinat hagilui...') For text, see link top right of the blog. Or for text right click here.

In the future malchus will be elevated to its origin, yet there will still be significance to the fact that, 'she has a master'.

Essence is above, 'revealed and concealed'. The topic of helem/concealed, does itself not represent essence/atzmus. The topic of gilui/revealed, means that there is a message or an effect. The effect of essence is different from all other effects of the sphirot... The presence of essence is in a different way. It is undeniable. It is revealed. But not due to your identification of it. It cannot be absent. So the influence/hamshacha of atzmus/essence is revealed.

Another principle: a ha-arah/reflection; for example someone is inside the Temple of Jerusalem, and is participating in the reality of it. One outside observes it. Or the one inside may no recognize where he is, and the one outside, though getting just a reflection/ha-arah, but it is a clear statement to him of what it is...

This is similar to nishikin/kisses that are only a ha-arah, but they are a clear, authentic revealed communication. A revelation of essence by means of the kisses/nishikin – this will be a recognition of the souls of what they have, what they are...

Another way to say this, “the kisses will be the essential pleasure, not as it is based in tynug/pleasure, but as it is experienced in the helem de atzmi of chochmah (the concealed essence of wisdom)”.

Chochmah ha-atzmis / essential wisdom has a phenomenon – we discuss something and it makes sense, and yet we don't necessarily know why it makes sense. In binah we know the bases for each thing. In chochmah it is a different realm of understanding. The essence of chochmah is essential that even when concealed is also present. When we understand there are elements that we identify and grasp and then there is a real foundation that is beyond our understanding'. Chochmah reaches into the helem ha atzmi of tynug – the essence of pleasure – the 'I want to understand'.

The reality we identify as 'being' is real to us because there is a 'First Being' that provides reality. This is the hidden essential pleasure.

The kisses are the essential pleasure, as it is expressed.

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