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“He is of His Essence” p: 68

'Field'  - by Joel Andersson
He is of His Essencep: 68 AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 3  Nissan 5772 

Page 68 – at about 6 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'ha-atzmi...') For text, see link top right of the blog. Or for text right click here.

We have been looking into the principle of bechira/choice. This is located in the essence/atzmus. The essential choice is invested in Torah and Israel. Torah and Israel are 'knotted' (joined/united) with His secret and personal level.

This is like (as in the mashal/metaphor used yesterday) the very self 'deciding' – it is not based on features or logic or faculties.

The souls of Israel are of the quality of essential pleasure (tynug ha-atzmi) and hence He chose them. Man represents the Creator in the world. The soul is in the body and participates in the life of the body, yet it is not part of the world. It is sourced above.

This is like the father's desire being exclusively for his son, since he is of his essence. The son becomes separate and independent, yet in essence there is the essential desire and connection.

There is the incident of King David having to escape from his rebellious son Avshalom. It was tragic. He had an army. For his security King David had to go hide and at the same time he said to his general, 'make sure Avshalom is not hurt'. Avshalom had long hair and he was on his horse. He was suspended by his hair and stuck to a tree. A soldier shot him while hanging. When King David found out, he walked the streets crying and screaming for his son. And this was for his son that had rebelled against his kingdom (which is more important than his life)! The son may be separate and rebellious, but internally they are still tied up together. He is of his essence.

Father and son have similarities, but then there is another aspect. Identical twins have similar qualities, and great affinity, but don't have the essential connection as do father and son. That the father begets a son, is essential in the father.

Torah and Israel are of tynug atzmi/essential pleasure of their Father.

What is the bechirah/choice element in the relationship? A choice means, 'it could be one way or it could be another way' but we just said it is an essential/'must be' connection.

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