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“Horse, Cat and Man” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 5 Nissan 5772  

Page 69 – at the top line of the page (line starts, 'acheret...') For text, see link top right of the blog. Or for text right click here.

There can be no exchange of Israel with another nation. This is not due to the souls of Israel, but due to the Essence itself. Thus the souls of Israel are rooted there too. So what is the meaning of choice? They are just present there too? The answer is that He is not compelled to make the choice. If He's going to choose, He'll choose Israel. But He doesn't have to choose.

In real truth also the element of essential pleasure is not yet etzem mamash / actual essence. And thus just as Essence is not compelled, but chooses, so too the level of essential pleasure/tynug atzmi also has choice. This is a paradox.

Being compelled is like being grasped/tfisah. One is grasped 'by this thing'. He cannot get free of it. This is called behechrach/compelled. There is no separate step of choice.

If He is not bound by it, what determines that His choice will be 'thus' and not another way. And if there are options this is 'selection' not choice.

The human being has intelligence, but without Torah he would have to learn modesty from the cat. This is because his intellect is not bound up with matters of the earth and world. His intellect is too high to translate to a physical level. When he sees the cat he sees the translation of an innner sechel/wisdom into behavior in the world. This is why when a human trait like modesty is exposed to him then he sees in it a much deeper value. For the cat it is just a mode of behavior. For the human being it has intention and greater meaning.

A human being is focussed on mind. He covers the rest – this is modesty. The head is the center. If he exposes other parts this is a statement that it has equal value. For the horse the head and the legs are on the same level. The human has legs too, but they are to fulfill the purpose, not because they have any say in the matter.

He is not compelled by the intellect, but when he focuses on this matter, there is the path of modesty, there is no other way.

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