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“Kisses of Light Everywhere” p: 65

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 10 Adar II 5772 

Page 65 – About 10 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'yi-heyeah...') For text, see link top right of the blog. Or for text right click here.

The Rebbe says, it seems like we explained the craving for 'kisses'. This is because the are a reflection from a higher level. But still the question remains, what about the future time, when the real essence of the soul will be revealed to them?

Souls have an essential quality and are not phased by anything. No revelation is to great for them. They can withstand any pressure, due to their essential quality. This is call the koach ha-atzmus, rather than the essence itself (bechinat ohr atzmi). Everything is sourced in essence. But bechinat orh atzmi, means not any faculty, but an expression of the essential source. This is beyond anything that can be contained in vessels. Anything that can be identified with its functional element can be dressed in vessels.

Kisses are a revelation of bechinat ohr atzmi. 

This light that cannot be contained in vessels is drawn down by means of the process of birurim/purification. This is the light we will have in the future. This is explained in Torah Ohr.

To explain this further, kisses/nishikin, the human is a correct representation of the G-dly truth and makes the earth worthy. The human is beyond world. Creatures fit into the world and conforms to natural laws. The human is in a different category, he barely touches the ground, because he represents the G-dly truth in a created entity. He represents Essence, but he is just a metaphor (an accurate representation but in a different context). So by means of kisses, comes an expression of love that is not possible to express in speech. The overpowering force of love, that cannot be expressed in speech, is expressed in kisses. Love expressed in speech is a reflection of the love that is taking place deep in the heart. It is not the direct flow from the heart. He tell someone outside what he feels outside. Kisses don't have a bridge/translation, they are a direct flow of the force of the love to the other. Being that only kisses can bring the force of the love (and speech can only allude to it), thus it is a revelation of essential light that is beyond being contained in vessels.

So if it is beyond vessels how is it possible that mouth is involved, is not the mouth then the vessel. In Biur ha Zohar of the Tzemach Tzedek, it is explained that the vessel of the mouth, deals with the pure breath that comes from the heart. And the mouth does not conceal this pure breadth. It does not transform it. This is not like the way the hand conceals the pure movement of the soul. The mouth does not conceal the breath from the heart, the whole breadth flows. The soul is put into us by means of blowing (not speech) and 'One that blows, the breath is from his interior and essence'.  

In breath there is no translation/transformation by the vessel. Speech is also involves breath, but the sounds are made by changing and restricting the breath.

This is said of the soul: It is 'a part of G-d above'. We can't directly describe G-d, since you cannot grasp Him. The soul is a creation. It comes to give life to the body. So you may think it is finite and is limited to the contours of the body. That's why it says, the soul is blown into you. It is unlimited, an un-circumscribed entity with no contours, and it arrived in the body by a pure channel – breath. G-dliness is not to be limited to 'that which creates world'. It is His external element that 'makes the world'. His essence (not involved with world) is what comes through into man, by breathing the soul into you. Nothing is restrained and concealed. It is from His very interior.

The real power behind all our faculties is something more essential. It is my interest that causes me to see what I see. There is an essential element behind the faculty. The ratzon/will is there, and this goes down to middot/emotions that is the hevel halev – the breath of the heart. The will to live is the human being. Without it nothing functions. The will is behind the breathing. The will is expressed in the hevel halev.   

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