Monday, March 5, 2012

“Reality Behind all Being ” p: 65-6

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 11 Adar II 5772 

Page 65 – Last line of the page (line starts, 'mahn...') For text, see link top right of the blog. Or for text right click here.

Explaining nishinkin/kisses, we are seeing that it is a direct expression from the breath of the heart. And the mouth is a clear channel for this expression.

This pure breath is brought out by means of the purification of the level of tohu/chaos, that are lights that are beyond containment in vessels. This work of birur/purification results of the kisses from above in the time to come.

This is like the 'student that brings forth chochmah from his master'. The student does not have access to functioning wisdom or the vessels for the topic, and his questions force the master to dig into a deeper resource and the result is much superior to the more regular process of learning...

The wisdom that the master brings from this depth comes from the essential source. Thus in his teaching is sensed the infinite...

The basis of sechel/wisdom is something that is beyond wisdom, as the Rambam says, 'the basis is to know that there is a first Being...' Thus you know there is a reality behind all existence and sechel/mind can operate. Without the realizing that there is a reality behind all being, your sechel cannot function. Worldly thought works on the external level and this is severely lacking.

For the student who, 'doesn't get it' the master produces sechel not based on sechel. He presents something more primary. He gives something not based on limited principles. He gives something not based on sechel/mind, but on reality itself...

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