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“Soul Situation” p: 65

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 8 Adar II 5772 

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We are talking of mehus/essence and ha-arah/reflection. The kisses are from the level of ha-arah, which has a superior quality. This can be seen as sechel/mind and midot/emotions. Midot have their own experience, and experience that in which they come into contact. Sechel projects. It is like sight – experience from a distance – clear knowledge of the subject without being directly affected by it. Sight provides something very superior to what touch provides. But there is also an advantage to touch.

Superiority of sight is key. The one who is blind has no yetzer harah – no evil inclination. He has no sense of 'I want to touch it'. The world does not entice him. Sight provides the element of reality. This corresponds to 'intention' on the level of sechel. Sight provides a reality. It is superworldly. World by definition is dark – something you touch. Sight is beyond the worldly experience.

Evolution is based on sightlessness – cause and effect – law of the jungle – no vision.

We are examining why souls are craving kisses. Up till now we have said that souls have me-hus/essence, but are desiring the ha-arah/reflection. The essence is enhanced by ha-arah.

This saying that they are desiring kisses is based in the future and the desire for the inner taste/reason of Torah – the oneg/pleasure that is contained in Torah and will be revealed in the future.

In the future souls will come forth as they are in their true source. And if so why then will they desire the kisses... What we have said till now relates to the current soul situation.

How will the concept of a ha-arah/reflection from a higher level be relevant in those days, when there will be revelation of Essence Himself?

The principle of union of zun/male and female is facilitated by the bitul/humility and recognition of each, of a higher source. It it humility to a higher reality that facilitates the union and facilitates the birth of neshamot/souls. The essence element is concealed within the neshamot/souls. Souls have this reality/essence element and can thus withstand any pressure, any revelation. Souls are not light they are essence. Souls come down to the physical world. How can they function on this low level? How do they consent to this trip? Because they recognize the value of doing mitzvoth in this physical world. The enticement is the purpose of Essence.

Inherently the souls come from essence, but they come about through zivug zun – union of male and female.

The union of male and female is grossly misunderstood that we lose perspective. If the union is viewed as tyvah/desire then it is not a union. The Rambam brings of the mitzvoth for nations, and he brings the prohibition on homosexual relations. 'He will cleave to his wife' and going with a male is not cleaving. Similarly desire is not a real union or cleaving since each is involved in their own desire. Union is the recognition that they are entering a higher reality – chupah. As a result of that there is union at the soul level. This is yichud zun which is effectuated by the revelation of atik/essence. Without light there is no enticement, touch itself is meaningless.

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