Friday, April 21, 2017

“You Stand” p67

“Think of the human stance.  it is a human attribute.  it is a point of truth.”

“You Stand” p67

Nissan 5777

P 67 [of the pamphlet] at line 7, starting, “…adayan…”.  [P 51 of the book]

We are correlating the 3 levels of light to the progression from point to line to plane.

light is not an easy concept - it cannot be grasped.  it is a non-entity.  it is the impact of the presence of the essence.  

The sun illuminates the world - it seems to do it by sending a ray of light… this is a worldly explanation.  This is false.  The effect of the sun is not its ray, but rather its presence.  

Light is like a point - a principle beyond grasp and real definition.

When you delve into this point you can discern content…

Think of the human stance.  it is a human attribute.  it is a point of truth.  You can examine it and realize there is a kav/line that extends from this point.  There is impact that results from this point.  A man is free to use his hands - they are not being used for support.  

The kav/line is an extension from the point/nekudah.  

The plane/shetach is what follows - it is the effect on the external domain.  even when the progression is at this level the human element is still present. 

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