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“He Wants It” p99

“And the world is here because He wants it.  This is the reality.  The effect on everything is besides the point.“

“He Wants It” p99

Kislev 5778

P 99 (of the pamphlet) at last paragraph of the page - line starting “ukmoken”  [P 73 of the book]

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A reduction of light enables the development of emotions/midot.

And mind does not get excited or interested in what the emotions concern themselves. 

The mind, by contrast, has the focus of knowing Godliness.  

There is no grasp of Godliness in the way of understanding - with defined edges etc… rather it is the sense that ‘there is such a thing as a reality’ and that this reality is embracing the entire existence….  

This is a sensitivity that is found only in the mind/mochin.  

This makes the world a livable place.  

And mochin/mind senses this reality directly.  It relates to the reality of Godliness [not by grasp and definition] but by sensing reality and that which embraces the whole reality. 

And the world is here because He wants it.  This is the reality.  The effect on everything is besides the point. 

Notes from Michoel Pais:

Map of 17 Teves Shiur

Miut of the Ohr enables further development of the midos. 

Inside: In Mohin shines Ribui haOhr b'Gilui.

It is being emphasized, pointed to. It's being attended to. "See what I'm doing for you" 

Inside: That is not impossible to shine in midos. 

In our moshul:

Ex: Midah means measurement. From the perspective of the recipient. 

Ex: If you're a guest at the wedding. There's the host, the whole thing, but you also need a place for yourself! 

As long as their is Ribui haOhr, to focus on "where's my place" is  "Penny", out of place! 

In Miut haOhr, you are so to speak, on your own. 

Being at the chuppah, does it matter where you are standing?? Not at all, you are around the chuppah! This is Ribui Ohr. If someone is indeed worried about where he stands there, if he has a choshiv place etc, he's missing the point of the whole thing. 

Midos are reflective of the Mohin. 

They reflect the significance of the whole affair. 

Inside: When there is reduction of the Ohr, of Mohin, the bhinas of the midos comes to be. 

And also, when they are considered the "Mahalo" and Matoh of their essential standing. 

The reality of Mohin is much higher than that of midos. 

The function of a moshul is transmit, translate, transposition the nimshol into the moshul. 

There are very subtle aspects that one can only relate to with a hanoho sichlis, a super sensitivity. 

And also, the mailoh and matoh of etsem madrigosom, the higher/lower of the reality of their being. Not only Ohr that they emit, but what they stand for. 

The reality of Mohin - essential focus of mohin- what it's interested in - is much higher than midos. 

You cannot get Mohin excited or interested in in that which midos are. 

Mohin are inyon higias vhasogos Elokus. Knowing and comprehending of Elokus. 

Midos are excited in a G-dly way but not by presence of Ohr. 

"To know and to be masig Elokus" - point of a moshul. 

It's impossible to grasp Elokus. So how can we say that Mohin is comphension of Elokus? 

Bina means to define and see its edges, it's limits. 

Rambam: Elokus is Motsui Rishon. 

a sense that there is such a thing as Reality. 

This reality is embracing the entire existence. 

This is a sensitivity present in Mohin. 

Ex: Daylight. A super type of light It's not a light that helps you see something specific. It encompasses the entire reality. 

The only way to understand this is to appreciate it directly,. There's no place to step out of this reality. And there isn't even a luminary where it is coming from. It's beyond all that! Yet, Mohin are able to recognize this. This is what makes the world into a world, makes it worth living, even though you never saw the world "otherwise", without this stamp of reality. 

Mohin know the inyon of Elokus - directly. (not via world) Not as it affects the world and makes the world livable. 

A cognizance of Motsui Rishon.?! Where is Motsui Rishon resulting from metsius of world? (rhetoric question) 

Hasogo here does not mean like Hasogo in binah. Hasogo here means in terms of that which embraces the whole reality. More correctly, how Elokus is masig you, and not how you masig Elokus. 

Focus is understanding Elokus. 

The reason there is world is because Elokus wants there to be a world, not vice versa. 

So even in world itself, you recognize Elokus, that Elokus wants world. 

This is how Mohin looks at world. 

"Eibeshter wants it. There's a G-dly phenomenon here."

Masig that this is reality. 

What brought you to Motsui Rishon? 

If you know him as a result of knowing world, than he is Motsui Sheini. Project him after you know world. This is not Motsui Rishon. And this is not Knowing Motsui Rishon. 

Rishon - what enables you to say - oh yeah, there's a world! No kidding! 

This is what Mohin relates to. 

Ribui Ohr in Mohin is knowing Elokus, period. Doesn't need to be complemented by anything. Mohin is perfectly satisfied with that as it is, without it being translated to a worldly environment. 

Miut haOhr - you recognize Elokus how everything is Elokus. 

In Chassidus:

1) Elokus is everything. - like Ribui ha Ohr. 

2) Everthing is Elokus. - like Miut haOhr. 

Chochmah remains the core of Mohin at any level. Binah and Chochmah are inseparable. They all have the aspect of Chochmah - they know of things because they are True, and not because I appreciate them. This is the Difference of Mohin and Midos. 

"HaEmes because it is HaEmes." - Rambam

Not that the proof is because it is Emes. 

The reason I relate to it is because it Emes. 

Only Mohin has this capacity. Midos do not

"Mohin" is Chochmah, Chochmah of Binah, Chochmah of Daas. 

Elokus has no borders, how do you know it?

Sefer Yetzira : How do we get to recognize tov? Relate to ra. Ra? Relative to tov. Talking about creation of the world. World perspectives. 

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