Tuesday, March 13, 2018

“Inner Light” p107

“We experience daylight in our world, but it is not really worldly.  We have a soul quality that can relate to this kind of truth.  This is called wisdom/chochmah.“

“Inner Light” p107

Kislev 5778

P 107 (of the pamphlet) at lower third of the page “ve-hinay”  [P 78 of the book]

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Light starts from an essential point. 

From the perspective of mind/mochin a person is able to do something based on the truth alone [not for any gain or experience] - this is essence.

This essence point affects the levels and faculties that are below it.  

The essence is not unto itself - it is a Godly creation and one element of its creation is to illuminate all of existence. 

And this is the element of inner light [ohr pnimi].

The essence is ‘happy’ to be ‘applied in your world’ - this is the attribute of ohr pnimi.

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