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Instinct and Intellect 

In another shiur (class [שיעור י" טבת])  instinct and intellect are discussed and described. Essentially, intellect is based exclusively on the Godly reality, while instinct is knowledge based on worldly experience. 

Here's an audio of the shiur: 

Or download here

Carry On...

At Seagate Rabbi described the Rebbe's sicha concerning being caught between the sea and the pursuing Egyptian army...  

State of Mind

In this shiur consciousness, thought, acknowledgement and states of mind are discussed.  It is explained and demonstrated how one's inner consciousness is based on reality, as opposed to fleeting circumstances. See the full post (notes, video and pictures - here) or the video...

Decision Making

In this brief (20 min) presentation, the nature of decision making, commitment, and working toward clarity, is discussed... 

Love of God

Listen to a class on ahavat hashem [love of God] by Rabbi Paltiel

Non Curated

Addition non curated material from Rabbi Abba Paltiel can be seen here.  

The files are recordings of discussions with students covering a variety of topics including mind (sechel), emotions (midot) etc.

Please note that these files have not been curated and fully titled.  The quality may vary.  

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