Thursday, October 7, 2010

A song from the soul

Aliya, Moshe Feiglin, Crown Heights
AyinBase with R' Paltiel 10/7/2010 ThursdayNight 29 Tishrei 5771

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Page 31 – the top of the page. Second line.

Baruch started off the class by asking a question about how the hidden kochot resemble the lights of tohu. Rabbi clarified that here the hidden faculties give rise to the revealed powers. This is not the case with tohu and tikkun. Tohu doesn't give rise to tikkun.

Sechel and midot have different intentions. The truth element is primary in sechel, whereas the presence/koach element is primary in midot.

We are looking at the difference of sechel and midot at a mehus level. Referring to revealed powers the rebbe said on the 3rd line from the top of the previous page, he said they are essentially different and both rooted above. The rebbe introduces the difference on the level of revealed powers.

Mochin is objective, without experience. Middot involves participation – experience. In terms of avodah middah is more profound since is leads to refinement that allows one to actually experience fear and love of Him.

What is the point of hidden powers? It is to give cognizance to the fact that the powers are not reactionary, they are faculties emanating from the nefesh.

As we say in today's Tanya - “it is all a simple unity, yet it divides into different parts... how is that possible?” We have earth and water. The earth is static and the water is in constant motion.

Water descends from a high place to a low place. It is flexible, yet it also has weight and power. Water is chesed and it has plenty of gevurah in it. It is essentially water, but it includes all kinds of different qualities. The soul is a G-dly truth/power and as such it represents the awareness of G-dliness, to the extend that, “that which the nefesh knows is the proof of its truth.” The soul includes all aspect of truth – mochin and middot.

We know the real metzius is elokus, which is the source of all creation. There is physicality because there is atzmus. Mochin is the sense of elokus, which is ein (non metziut), then there's middot, where the nefesh is an entity that experiences elokus, then there is where the nefesh has a purpose – which correspond to the lower middot of production.

This is what we have been revisiting – whatever we learn to do eventually becomes second nature and we can relate to that.

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... וחיי עולם

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