Thursday, October 21, 2010

“There is more where this came from!”

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 10/21/2010 ThursdayNight 13 Cheshvan 5771

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Page 32 – a few lines above the middle of the page - line starts abbreviation “matan torah...”

We have been seein how there are 4 levels in torah (see notes/video from this morning).

Nishmata / soul is the hidden delight of chochmah. This is what gives life.

Why is it a hidden tynug / delight? Tynug/delight as has been discussed in these weeks, relates exclusively to infinity. It cannot relate to any thing that is finite. Infinity cannot exist in something that is begilui (revealed). Anything that has a presence cannot have infinity. So tynug is behind that which shows up as a presence.

So where is the infinity element in the world? It is not in the presence of a creation, but in the resource where it is coming from. The tynug is never in what one has, but in the sense of “there is more where this came from!”

Before matan torah there was chochmah, but the infinity/tynug element came with the giving of torah.

The fourth level cannot be expressed in chochmah. This is like the infinity, within which the earth is suspended.

Chassidus corresponds to “the soul of the soul” of torah. If it is not drawn down even by the level of the hidden delight of chochmah, then how are we learning chassidus?!

Learning of chassidus is a unique type of learning.

In all parts of torah, one learns by recognizing that it comes from hashem, but there are 3 separate elements; the world, the mind and The Creator.

Chassidus is a different, unique approach. To start with the reality that you deal with is not world - “the reality you deal with is elokus, so when we say we are learning Chassidus, the approach is that it starts 'above to below' with emunah (faith)...”

“Like in Tanya the Rebbe asks, 'since the whole world is inside Elokus, how come it exists as a separate entity?' and why does he leave the question hanging is because it is good to be in doubt of the actuality of world, since the approach of chassidus is from above – reality is Elokus. We make sense of the metziut, by saying it is representative of Elokus.”

“From the depths, I called to you” - meaning the depth of the depths. This is tshuvah. The earth is suspended in nothingness – this nothingness is the real solidity, since there is nowhere to fall – it is based on Hashem's reality and not on any definitive presence. Then there is nishmata de nishmata that is not even a resource for existence.

... וחיי עולם

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