Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ways of seeing - our teacher is hiding...

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 10/19/2010 Tuesday 11 Cheshvan 5771

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Page 32 – 10th line of the page – starts “vetziur...(the second of the two) ”

A person relates to himself in a wholesome manner, his sechel, middot and appearance have a unique relationship to and satisfaction for him. There is an essential connection, “this is you” - this exists on two levels – oneg and chochmah.

The first principle of sight (as opposed to all the other faculties) is that there is no personal effect – it is something that comes to you. It tells you “i am here”. Oneg is only possible when it is effortless – it has to come from an infinite source, and this is what you have in sight in general. In sight there are two levels – sight of the mind's eye and sight of the eye itself.

The mind's eye, even though it is sight, there is still an activity/awareness involved. There is a participation on the part of the seer. For the actual eye there is no participation – no activity. You are observing the essence itself.

We perceive, and its real, “the sky's the limit”. There are 2 ways to relate to this infinity. One: it represents meaninglessness – it's just there and doesn't say anything. Two: this limitlessness is actually His provision. He wants to give you the experience of him. This is the real truth. Perception of limitlessness is beyond human perception and we only perceive it because He gives it to us.

Our teacher is hiding and he doesn't want to overwhelm us, so we have to get ready to perceive what He is wanting to show us.

... וחיי עולם

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