Thursday, November 25, 2010

G-dly unity, traffic lights, and the essential truth

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/25/2010 Thursday 18 Kislev 5771

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Page 38 – third from the top of the page (line starts “hagbalah...”)

We are looking at the concept of sechel hahiuli ha-atzmi.

From it is drawn the koach ha maskil – which is the source for the functioning and revealed sechel/intellect.

What we recognize in sechel is a true reflection of the nefesh/soul. The revealed sechel reflects this truth level, it is not a circumstantial phenomenon. The koach ha maskil directs us, even though we find ourselves in a physical world that seems to denies the G-dly unity.

The koach hamaskil compels us to see how things are related. It sees things from a true sechel perspective and allows us to see the relationship between things.

Koach hamaskil says, “you are in a new place?! Okay make sense of it! You find the underlying sense of things!” Contrary to the view that you make sense of something for your convenience and to know how to use it – koach hamaskil says things below together. It knows it because it flows from koach ha sechel hahiuli ha-atzmi, which is the essence of truth on a sechel level.

There is an inherent unity between people. We all originate from Adam.

Rabbi knows a fellow, who is a mathematician and he says, “the greatest pleasure is to lie in bed with a book of mathematics...!” The sechel that he is employing is his revealed sechel – he identifies it as sechel and this can be placed in different areas/materials. The koach ha maskil has been defined in this fashion. This does not limit his sechel, he could employ it in different directions. One can draw down a new direction of sechel. It is done by the force of will – almost like a change of character.

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