Sunday, November 21, 2010

Inherent positive – constant craving

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/21/2010 Sunday 14 Kislev 5771

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Page 37 – the last paragraph on the page.

We saw that torah represents not chochmah, but the essence itself. Yet it has a form – it is an essential form. It is the essence as the essence is. It is the way essence presents itself – this was given to the souls of Israel.

Sechel is capable of recognizing the truth of essence, even though it cannot grasp essence. This is because sechel is rooted in chochmah, which is rooted in tynug / delight, which is rooted in essence!

The essence of torah can only come / be revealed to a place that relates to it directly. This is neshamahs/souls. Souls are rooted in the aspect of essence of ein sof. This is a default presence, as darkness is in our reality. Atzmus einsof is not a presence in the simple sense of the world. You may think whatever it creates is thus not essence, but here when souls are created from atzmus they are still united with etzem/essence.

About Jews it says, “you are sons of G-d”, like a son is sourced in the essence of the mind of the father, similarly the souls are sourced in Him – in His essential chochma.

A daughter is also rooted in the essence, but she does not have the same level of creativity that the son has – the son is a new world with the power to create. The nature of man is that he expands and creates. He captures that which has not yet been defined. He creates a world from a non – world.

The neshamah has an intent in its essence – it has a mission. This is in contrast to the world where all interest is reactionary.

Chochma is the first level where the kavana / intent is realized.

Souls and angels are different. Souls originate from the union of male and female – this is the level of emotion which in contrast to sechel is more bodily. A joining on a body level.

Angels are created by the union of chochmah and binah, this is the level of kissing, which doesn't have a physical element – it is a spiritual connection. Breath with breath. A connection of life with life.

So it would seem that the spiritual union is of a higher level than a bodily union. Yet the level of souls is greater than that of angels.

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