Friday, November 12, 2010

The king's visit

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/12/2010 Friday 5 Kislev 5771

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Page 35 – near the middle of the page. Line starts, “slichot...”

The essence of tshuvah is return to Him. The essence of Judaism is not a decent way of life. The essence is the recognition of the Creator.

Tshuvah also has a medidah/measure, and it says, “you have to connect to the Creator alone”.

Tshuvah is not just to correct the person or the world. Tshuvah is to directly connect to essence. The wise man chooses the king, while others select one of the ministers. From a minister one can derive benefit. So why choose the king?

The king gives reality to the whole world. Without him it is all disparate and not real.

When we look into the sky it is like looking at infinity. Yet it is cumulative and is thus not really infinite... this is like saying the sun has a limitless amount of energy, yet a finite body cannot have infinite energy.

There is an essence to the sun, beyond its finite being. The essence is its purpose and He replenishes the sun continually. The infinity of the sun is not in itself, but in its source. This is the pnimius – the essence purpose before revelation.

The G-dly intent not the G-dly presence is where there is a high level of discrimination. At the level of presence the level of discernment is reduced.

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