Thursday, November 18, 2010

The knowledge of not knowing, and not being bothered by what you look like

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/18/2010 Thursday 11 Kislev 5771

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When a man acquires a wife, she is not an active participant, she gives her consent – this is silent participation.

This is like the silent prayer of a Jew. He doesn't plead and ask. With silence he sees that He is there.

By tshuvah the level of pnimius hakesser (interior of the crown) is revealed.

When somethings comes by silence there is nothing external that can be identified.

A superimposed tsurah/form is like a vessel. When you put water in a cup in it is in order that you can drink it. The water doen't need the cup. So this is not a form that comes from the water. When a sechel is transmitted it is also given over in a manner suitable to the recipient.

These are imposed, external forms that come from the recognition that for the hamshacha to reach the mekabel it has to be presented that way.

A tsurah atzmi comes from the sechel itself, not due to any external factors. The mekabel receives whatever is given and there is given the essence. This is the gift the way it is in the treasure house. The mekabel has reached the level of receiving from the mashpia in silence.

The hamshacha is essence itself, without and formatting for the mekabel. The mekabel is not receiving by means of his keilim but whatever is given to him. He has recognized his relationship to the mashpia in a way that has not borders.

The focus on the tshuvah is not to perfect oneself, but to relate to the King. This has the same effect as shlaymus ha-avodah (completeness of service).

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