Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silent anticipation

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/18/2010 ThursdayNight 11 Kislev 5771

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Page 36 – at the middle of the page.

On the third day of creation Hashem said, “let the waters gather in one place and then the dry land will appear.”

There is a midrash that says that this is like a king who built a palace and he settled in it a speechless man and he would get up early and ask after the king. Then the king replaced him with a wise man of speech.

At first the praise came from the water and then He gathered the waters so there could be dry land on which man could be created to praise his creator.

What is the significance of the speechless and the articulate dweller in the palace? Why are the sea creatures called speechless and the land dwellers articulate?

Thought is like the hidden world and speech like the revealed world. The elements of his thought are more profound and an expression of his nefesh, but speech is much more external and is much less self representative. So we say the creatures of the sea are superior to those of the dry land. The sea creatures are submerged in their source, but the land creatures are more involved with their own existence.

So why are the sea creatures called dumb and those of the land articulate?

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