Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Solid ground

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/10/2010 Tuesday 3 Kislev 5771

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Page 34 – second last line of the page. Line starts, “lemutav...”

The illuminator that is in torah has the power to bring one back to good, no matter how far one had sunk. It is like someone passing a rope to someone in quick-sand. He stands on solid ground and from there can pull him up.

Sunlight from the sun illuminates the darkness of this world. The light is able to combine with the darkness, which allows us to see things...

Candle light illuminates in a different fashion – it only has the level that it throws light on an object – it is just functional. Daylight in contrast not just enables one to see but creates a different reality – it makes “day time”.

This is because the sunlight originates in a source, the sun, which (within the limits of our mashal) is the essence of light.

The alte rebbe points out that this light exists also within the sun. there it has a different status. Outside the sun it has a function. Inside the sun it is without function, since the concept of darkness does not exist there. It is without definition and part of the sun. It is an essential light. This is light within the luminary.

The primary state in the sun is light not darkness. What is the sun itself? It is not light. The sun is the reality from which light emanates. “Light is its primary product”. In the sun, “without doing anything, there is light”.

This gives us a handle on the topic of the luminary that is in torah. The essence of goodness and truth is contained in torah. How? Since chochmah in its purist state relates to this luminary. It looks for the purest truth. He wrote Himself into torah. He put this level of His chochmah into His torah. This chochmah is his essential plaything.

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