Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something from nothing

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 11/11/2010 Thursday 4 Kislev 5771

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Page 34 – second last line of the page. Line starts, “lemutav...” (at the end of the line)

Light is created and has a source. The illuminator is not a creation.

Chochmah seeks out truth. The world is something from nothing. Nothingness does not create anything. It is nothingness because it is not by virtue of its presence – it is representing the truth of existence.

Bitul and chochmah recognize this as the only real truth and this is what they are drawn to. Free choice is not based on any criteria – it is based on ein/essence.

Even one who fell into a place of deep darkness. In darkness you can only identify things by touch. He has no perception of the real measure or truth of things. His perception is limited to how it affects him. Light gives us the ability to see the reality. And to relate to it. Light is rooted in ein, in Elokus.

So even one who fell into a place of darkness... and we live in a world that lacks pure light, but he fell into a place where he cannot relate to the light aspect that is in the world... It is possible to fall to the point where one cannot differentiate between something earned and something stolen – he lacks the reality, he has only the metziut...

So one who fell into this darkness... it is within the power of torah to pull him out of there... This is like tshuvah.

This is to say he gets to the essence of good, not just that which is functional good.

Since we have a neshamah, we know there is a first Being, from whom all creation flows. This is how the Rambam opens his work – “the foundation of all knowledge is the acknowledgment that there is a first creator...”

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