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“Beyond Structure” p: 63

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 25 Kislev 5772 

Page 63 at the middle of the final paragraph of the page (line starts, 'mimadrega elyonah...')
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Normally we lead our learning towards something we can relate to and implement in avodah/work/spiritual progress.

But here that will be hard. Here we will look at distinctions between different matters that are only on a fine sechel/mind level and not on a practical level.

This is beyond structure. This is only in sechel – the realm of ideas. Yet there will be an attempt to bring it down to a practical level.

Things seem to just exist. So which is more real. The purpose things are put there or their being there? But the object has no value of its own except for its usage. When not used it has not significance. When the object is on the table it acquires human value, which is the highest value.  

So here we see how something ruchni/spiritual – and the purpose is beyond the gashmi/physical.

Take the sun. We say it is the essence of light and that it is miracle in front of our eyes. Ongoing without diminishing. It radiates light that illuminates our world. This gives day and night to the world and moderates our sleep and wakefulness.

And this starts to answer the question of why 'Israel desires the kisses of His mouth'...

But we may ask, 'the ability to create something from nothing is an essential power, and this power supersedes all, and in the physical unity, there is an element of this infinite faculty, and this represents the highest source... the Essence, and now the Rebbe is going to explain a subtle matter, that despite the fact that the essence comes with all 'hashpah pnimis' nevertheless there is a difference in the presence of the Essence on the various levels. Hence, the level of essence in yichud zun is not essence itself.

Only a human being is capable of seeing the true value of things. He brings the sense of reality to the world. The animal sees and evalulates, 'eat or be eaten?' The human has the power of sechel, you know things are there.

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