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“Call My Name; Stand Like You Mean It” p: 61

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 15 Kislev 5772 

Page 61 at 9th line from the of the page (line starts: ”yesh bahem...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

We are looking at the fact that the souls are able to purify the animal souls. They are rooted above and can thus descend to the very bottom!

And the revelation of the G-dly soul is by means of the purification of the animal soul.

To arouse the essence of the king something novel must be presented. So too the effort of the G-dly soul, working on the animal soul, the essence is brought forth. 

By the confrontation with the animal soul the essence is revealed.

But which is first? Is the animal soul purified by the appearance of essence or is essence revealed as a result of the conflict?

There is a constant 'bickering' between the G-dly soul and the animal soul. That conflict does not necessarily lead to purification of the animal soul. The animal soul gets pushed to the side, 'I have something more important to do...'  

But then there is another level. The G-dly soul cannot fathom that there is opposition at all. Even the 'hidden opposition' of the quietened animal soul still disturbs it. The animal and G-dly soul can have a dispute on a functional level.

Ultimately there is an essence in the G-dly soul. It is not functional, not an angel, it is essence. Any opposition disturbs it. And the animal soul calls forth the resistance of the G-dly soul.

What is the core difference between the G-dly and animal souls? This is like the difference between the work of the righteous and wicked. Here wicked doesn't mean evil, but being based solely on the infinity of world. The wicked says, 'I don't need to relate back to why the world is so rich and infinite. I relate to the world as I confront it. The is fine and satisfying to me!'

The tzaddik says no, 'I want to relate only to the reality behind it.'

At this level the difference between light and dark is 'tolerable'. The light pushes away the dark and the dark pushes off the light – but this is talking on the functional level up to ratzon and oneg.

The essence is different. It is not translated as any kind of experience. This is like the name. The name says that he's presence is beyond what you can see and identify and touch.

Darkness can well compete with light, 'what you can do, I can do too!' But where they are categorically different is at this intangible level of name. You have a source and come from some place. This is the connection between the created and the Creator. Essence is His presence. Way beyond the functional faculties.

A man owns a piece of property and it cannot be taken from him. The real estate cannot be usurped. This is based on his presence. Every piece of Torah too is based on this, “I am here in His presence”. Standing to pray makes a simple statement, 'He's here, I will stand like I am before the King'.

Ultimately the animal soul ceases to be 'animal' - in the time to come the essence will be revealed in everything. Eventually the animal soul gives up its position.

The Rebbe often says that to address this or that problem, do a mitzvah. This was his signature response. People would ask about job or money concerns and he would direct them towards mitzvoth. All is from Him. The real purification of the animal soul takes place at this level.   

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