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“Concealed and Revealed” p: 61

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 11 Kislev 5772    

Page 61 at 4th line of the page (line starts: ”haray ze...” ) See link (top right) for link to all pages of the text.

We have been looking at how the soul is completely independent of the process of creation. It is rooted in essence and has an essential presence. And only this kind of soul can affect a bitul and refinement in the animal soul.

The excitement of the soul has to be at such a level that the 'animal soul' will be affected and guided by it.

According to the regular principles of hishtalshalus/orderly creation there won't be a way that the soul and the animal soul relate.

The animal soul is initially interested in physicality. By the guidance of the G-dly soul it becomes sensitive to the life force in physicality, till it sees it as the main factor in physicality. After proper reflection it goes further and realizes that the ruchni is more primary than the gashmi/physicality. This cannot be taught by control. This change of paradigm occurs only if there is hislabshut/involvement and interaction of the G-dly soul with the animal soul.

The rebbe explains the kind of involvement. It is not like the soul directing the movement of the hand and fingers. The limb does not experience the soul. Only the G-dly soul is able to get involved with the animal soul and remain itself.

An individual has his own unique identity and he has membership of a group or trade. Each is a unique G-dly presence and then 'dressed' in the world to perform a certain function there. The creation conceals G-dliness and at the same time reveals it.

In the same way the G-dly soul is dressed in the animal soul.

It is beyond it completely, but can get involved with the animal soul.

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