Thursday, December 29, 2011

“It Doesn't Depend on You” p: 64

AyinBase with R' Paltiel    Thursday 3 Tevet 5772 

Page 64 – at the last line of the page (line starts, 'tachtonah...')
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We have looked at the principle that there is such a thing as the reflection being better than a mehus/essence. It is a superior type of cognizance and relationship, and that's why Israel, though they have an essential connection were calling for 'the kisses of His mouth.'

Sechel is based on ratzon/will. So how is it objective? And the secularists say, 'that's just your preference'. And in what way is chochmah sight? The answer is that the soul itself is a reality. The soul is a greater reality than the body. And what the sechel/mind can receive from the nefesh/soul is because soul is real and rooted above. Sechel is a flow from the essence of the soul. So chochmah/wisdom is called sight. It is dependent on your chochmah and insight. You see due to the bitul and relationship. On the physical level you see because it is presented.

A prophet sees because it is being presented. The sage/chocham sees due to metziut. It is not forced upon him – he recognizes it in his sechel.  

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