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“Joining on a Kiss” p: 62

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 24 Kislev 5772  

Page 62 at the lower third from end of the final paragraph of the page (line starts, 'davkah').
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Here the Rebbe is concluding the discourse. Through purification of the animal soul the holiness is drawn down into vessels and into the world.

Making great His name is the drawing down of essence into vessels. And this is the ultimate intent of the entire process of creation. To have Him dwell in this lower world. This is the principle of making great His name.

All this is accomplished by purification of the animal soul and everything that is at its level.

When G-d told Abraham, 'lech, lecha! Go unto yourself!' - you rise up from the animal soul elements and he was promised, 'I will increase your name'.

Before overturning Sdom G-d said, can I conceal this from Avraham.

The medrash says, Abraham is like a son who has been given the rulership over his fathers affairs and he asks for the throne. Or he was given the world and he asked also for the site of the temple for without it, 'You have given me nothing!' and if he had the temple he would have had all.

To get an understanding of this we need to look at the difference between angels and souls.

Souls are the result of physical unity as opposed to the angels' creation by means of a kiss. Souls draw down the essence – the Holiness of Essence – that which is above world and can only be brought down by the souls of Israel.

To understand the difference we look at the verse in song of songs, 'He will kiss me with the kisses of His mouth' – this is the request of Israel, asking for the revelation of the kisses from Above. But what kind of request is this. The souls are superior to kisses! And kisses are only a reflection! And souls are representing essence itself and not a reflection. They are on a much higher level than the matter of kisses.

Why is Israel asking for the level of kisses?

The answer is that kisses are are a higher level that physical. Kisses are in chochmah and binah. And physical unity is on the level of male and female – midot and malchus. So though physical union is essential, kisses have a certain elevation.

Even though in both there are elements of the other, but still the higher unity is represented by kisses and the lower by bodily unity.

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