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“He Presents; Fool for You” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel TuesdayNight 7 Shvat 5772 

Page 69– 7th line from the top of the page (line starts, 'pnimit...')
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We have been trying to present the paradox of choice/bechirah. This is pure concept. There are no vessels for this. It is a concept that is totally based on non presence/metziut. It is based on matzei rishon – the First Being. This is the principle of essence. In this there is essential pleasure and that's where the choice takes place.

This morning it was asked – 'Hey, choice must be between alternatives!' The answer is that the choice is between the inner or external elements. 

The concept is the infinity that is evident in the creation is also a manifestation of the essence, and hence the deeds of the evil are also infinite! Practically speaking light is not a necessity. Except in the recognition of the non presence truth. And this is the bechirah/choice. This is the unique quality of the souls of Israel...

There was a philosopher from the nations who said to Rabah, 'you are a knee jerk nation' or 'you are a lowly nation' why, 'you preceded your mouth before your ear'. This is the unique quality of the souls of Isreal.

He showed them miracles, didn't Israel have reasons for choosing Him... But the accusation 'you preceded your mouth before your ear' is that you are going for the pure truth – before you hear it, before you have any personal experience you want Him. The work of the evil is about, 'my experience'. Israel wants Him for the truth, not for their experience.

Sight and light is that you identify the presence of an object not because you see it, but because of what the object itself is. You see due to the Presenter, rather than your experience.
This is choice – it is due to the truth of the Essence. The souls' essential connection is manifest by their bearing witness before they even experienced the revelation... They choose the truth, not due to any affect it has...

Before blowing the shofar we say, 'he will choose for us, His domain'. On Rosh Hashanah everything rises up, and this is the reason we say, 'HaMelech HaKodesh' – He is separate even from the essential pleasure. Remote from any kind of defining quality – even essential pleasure. This is where He says, 'my holiness is above your holiness'.

Due to this rising upwards, thus we plead, that He should choose us and be our King. And this we do by means of the shofar... Shofar represents the simple voice of the soul.

He chooses for us and He becomes our portion.

Shofar is an expression of desire, without any content... it cannot be put in thought...

the Baal Shem Tov is like the voice of the unrecognized prince. The king sent his son to a distant land to develop him and to affect his surrounding, but he was so distant and with the passage of time he became unrecognizable. He adapted himself to the customs/mores of the locals. He returned to his father's palace. The gate guard won't give him passage. They don't recognize him. Who are you? Nothing convinces the guards. Finally the prince screams. The father recognizes the scream of his son.

The scream represents the soul of his son. This is like the shofar – the scream of Israel to connect to Him not due to any qualities.

Their ability to receive their King is due to being rooted in essence.

To relate to something just because it is true, not because you can relate to it, is uniquely Jewish...! The souls of Israel have an element of essence in them.

The souls of Israel are rooted in, 'the Presence, that is not a presence'.

This is why they have pure kabalot ol malchut shamayim – the acceptance of the yoke of heaven, without any equivocation or deal making...

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