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“Essence Walking” p: 64

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 3 Adar II 5772  

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A ha-arah is seen only where it has a function and there it's effect is in combination with the object. This is like rays of light only being visible where they strike an object. The rays of light have the functional element not the essential element. The essence remains what it is. It does not change no matter where it goes, and yet we pointed out that this hamshacha (download) of essence can be found at various levels and differs at each level.

How does it not change and yet have some features of the level where it is?

The mashal/metaphor to understand this: the pitcher does not look at the target as he powers the ball towards the hitter. This makes it an unqualified force. This is the level of essence being made manifest in the hand...

the horse walks because it has legs. A human being walks because he has a perception of what it is to be a human being. The horse walks not to reach something. He just walks. A human being has an intellectual relationship to his motion. That he can walk is related to the fact that, 'the whole world has been given to him'. His ability to walk and move is reflective of this. So the feet are representative of an essential element, so too the hand that throws the ball. This essential level comes down to the functional level, but remains connected to the essential level.

This is not a ha-arah/reflection. It is the essence as it is manifest at this level. Midot/emotions are rooted in essence. On the one hand essence does not change, yet it has different manifestation at different levels.

'Though kisses are not an essential presence, still they are a reflection of a higher level.

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