Wednesday, February 22, 2012

“Light and Shade” p: 63

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Wednesday 29 Shvat 5772 

Page 63 – the 7th line from the end of the page (line starts, 'lekachte lechem...')
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When you have sunlight reaching our world, it is light, but not the pnimi and atzmi (inner and essential) element of the sun. It is just a ha-arah/reflection of the sun. this is the kind of light that can be obstructed and shadows are created. We see by means of light and shade – the way the light reflects off objects. An essential thing cannot be blocked or dissipate.

Yes indeed there can be an essential influence, but it can be at various levels. In atik is an element of atzmius/essence. Atzilus is not essence, but atik is called essence. This is like the difference between chochmah and oneg. That which 'makes sense' in chochmah/mind is a reflection of what preceded it in ratzon/will and oneg/pleasure. In chochmah there is a perception. There is the element of, 'this makes sense' and 'it looks right' and this indicates not having the thing itself. The thing itself doesn't 'look right' it 'is right'. Oneg/pleasure is not the recognition, it is the reality and truth of the soul itself. Oneg is experience without any explanation 'why'.

Oneg is unlike chochmah. It is not open to evaluation. It is a reflection of the essence. Oneg/atik are used interchangeably with essence. There is no 'justification' for oneg. The tzemach tzedek wrote about wealth/honor and says there are 2 elements. For someone for whom weath is honor, 'he may or may not get it'. For someone for whom it is itself, he will get it. Atik is a reflection of essence. Atik is called essence/atzmus.

Where atik is for atzilus it functions as an intermediary for essence and that which is being reflected.

Sechel is like sights. A recognition of reality, not due to its effect or function. How does one relate to a reality that does not affect one at all? This is possible because he knows there is an overall reality and whatever he sees is part of this reality. Sechel/mind (not the mind to sort through what you observe and touch) tells you that the whole thing exists because of sechel – due to the oneg/pleasure/essence behind it. If not for the essence behind it, then it would be just an imaginary thing.

Psychology says there's no such thing as kindness. They say that everything has an alterior motive. But we say the human being is an atzmi/essential being and thus there can be real kindness...

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