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“Not a Smart and Pleasant Companion” p: 70

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Thursday 16 Shvat 5772 

Page 70 – at about the middle of the page (line starts, 'hi belev...')
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The inner level carries the external level with it. The inner level is the intention in the creation – torah and israel, and the outer level is the world.

This world represents just the infinity of Elokus rather than the intent.

There is a simple will to create the world. And there is an increasing amount of revelation.  

The inner level has the external elements and the inner level has no measure and goes 'upwards to no end' (meaning in essence it is hidden and not defined by revelation). This is the difference between the inner and outer levels. The outer level is defined by revelation and expression. The inner level is essentially hidden and contained in essence.

Torah has no presence – it is representative of the truth of atzmi/Essence.

Torah has an element where it give practical benefit and directives. Then there is another level that shows on its infinity – that is the essence of Torah. The fact that it descends to the physical world and gives directives is not a compromise, it is indicative of its greatness. It has the power to overcome the helem/concealment of physicality. It has rulings that 'pierce the mountain'. Torah creates the world. It reaches upwards without limit.

And up above it is hidden – it is not revelation dependent. No matter how much expression it finds it is essentially hidden/be-helem. When you are a guest at a table, your host is not a smart and pleasant companion, he is there in his full helem/hiddeness – his full presence. The reason we can take this human experience as a metaphor for the most sublime matters is the unique human gift – we have been made in His image. We have a real presence – malchus – depth of truth because we are representatives of malchus shamayim. This is the real depth of human perception. We see the world differently from all other 'creatures' – we are capable of seeing it 'from above', from a G-dly perspective.

'My truth exists only in recognition of the presence of the Host', says man.

A man came to the Rebbe and said, 'I came to get to know the Rebbe'. 'Nu, so you know me now?' answered the Rebbe. A Rebbe is essence in a body. And so too every human has this hidden level... 

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