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“One and One is One... I was Born for the Purpose that Crucifies Your Mind” p: 70-1

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Sunday 19 Shvat 5772 

Page 70 – 8 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'be klimpat nogah...')
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We said that all begins with the internal level, but every internal level brings along the external level and this is what is reflected in the creation of the world.

But still all is included in the will and pleasure of tynug/pleasure and mitzvot.

The whole world is just a 'by the way' in comparison to the principle.  

The world is a creation unto itself, yet it is entirely dependent on the inner reality. A mashal/metaphor for this is a fully healthy person, who in a depressed state does not have the physical strength to lift a hand. Without the spirit he cannot move. One's awareness of the bigger/G-dly reality is what keeps you standing physically.

We say, 'our G-d, King of the world... Elokenu, melech ha-olam' - but 'our G-d' sounds 'above world, but we are noting that the world comes to be due to His input.

From an external perspective even the human being just stands for the body. It is Israel that articulates the revelation into externality of the real purpose of things...

Jews negate the metzius of the nations. Jews declare their culture to be a non-entity. Rayvid says, 'where is he going? Animals!'

You walk on your feet. Not on all fours.

The souls of Isreal are rooted in pnimius/interior so when they see chitzoni/external reality they can discern how it is linked to the inner reality.

The original mashal/metaphor – one hosts a big celebration/simcha and familty and friends come to the event. Some are on the inner circle. The inner reality expresses itself fully and thus includes those in the 'outer circle'. And thus there is an elaborate 'affair' including everyone. And then later after the event the close friends and family come together and reflect on what transpired. This is the revelation of the inner reality (which initiated everything) at the end of the event. 

The whole world is irrelevant compared to the inner purpose (like the irrelevance of the food compared to the host in the above metaphor). Essence is presence in Israel and mitzvoth – this is the inner reality.

Torah reveals the G-dly element of all things in the world. The purification of the people is that, even while acting in the physical world they are cognizant of acting in a G-dly context.

Who underwrites your ownership of your house or land? It is a G-dly grant. All is His. And He gave things to you.

Through chochmah it is possible to bring Holiness down here.

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