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“Primary Reality” p: 64

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Friday 1 Adar 5772 
Page 64 – the 7th line from the top of the page (line starts, 'nitfasim...')

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We are bringing cases of how the essence, though unchanging, presents differently on different levels.

All souls are from essence. But the souls of atzilus, though functioning in a body will not be grasped by the body. They will not follow wherever the body leads. The soul will rise away from the body at the possibility of sin. The souls of biyah are grasped. They follow through if the body leads to sin – though not initiating of participating...

the souls of the future will be rooted in pnimius atik. The current souls are from atzilus. The current souls will be raised up by being absorbed by the souls of the future.

This is like the principle, 'you will eat what has already been eaten and be satiated...' - this means that souls that have done their work will go through a process of being raised into a higher level. What we accomplish is just the preparation for the ultimate elevation of the future. The lower souls are consumed by the higher souls – and this will be their elevation, but still the lower souls are also G-dly.

So this tells us something about why the souls of Israel desire the, 'kisses of His mouth'.

Sechel can do its research and come to a conclusion. A person can understand an opionion that opposes his own. Middos/emotions are different – he cannot relate to that which is different to him. This is yichud gufni – by essence one relates to that to which he can relate – so it is pnimi. Nevertheless, we see a principle, 'essence remains essence, but it remains so, within the level where it is expressed, thus when souls are from essence, but the level of zun, it is much lower than the ha-arah of av'ah, and hence their desire for kisses.

The fact that there are emotions representing the whole person, is the representation of the crown at a lower level. 'There is much harvest in the power of the ox' – the ox does not contemplate yes and no – it brings its whole being into any activity. Humans go through a process of decision making. This is like the pitcher in baseball. He looks at the target and then looks away. Then during the power of the through he is not focussed on the aim, but on the thrust... this is the midot...

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