Tuesday, February 7, 2012

“The Reach of the Heart” p: 70

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 14 Shvat 5772 

Page 70 – just above the middle of the page (line starts, 'ach bechol pnimi...')
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Bechira/choice is rooted in the very essence. The choice in that which represents his essence is also a choice – he is not compelled.

He chooses that which is his essence – pnimiut ratzono.

In every pnimi/inner reality there is also the external and excess... The principle is what we discussed, that the pnimi element is a focused element. The bli gvul/inifnite has no limit, and that is the external excess of the pnimi.

Thought is reflective of nefesh/soul, and there, there is no limit. Thought is a constant presence. It represents the fact that the soul/neshamah is in the guf/body. Speech already has definition.

'Thought cannot grasp Him' and this is not just the thought in comparison to speech. Even the level of mind that is chochmah, cannot grasp Him. Why is sechel called machshavah/thought? There is a similarity – machshavha is awareness and in an aware state it is impossible to grasp Him. As pure as sechel is, it has the limit of consciousness, 'I am aware of it'.

So sechel cannot grasp Him, but the Zohar says, 'He can be grasped in the arousal of the heart!' And the heart is lower than the mind, but its grasp is not my conscious means and thus it reaches higher. The knowledge of the heart is different.

In the mind the 'will to live' is contrasted with something else. In the heart there is just one thing – one arousal.

When He speaks with a definitive voice it is from the heart. This is from ratzon/will. This is a simple will that is above mind/chochmah. It comes directly from the essence.   

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