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“Sense of Intent” p: 64

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Tuesday 5 Adar II 5772 

Page 64 – about 5 lines from the end of the page (line starts, 'levad...') For text, see link top right of the blog.
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We are looking at how the reflection/ha-arah from a higher level is more powerful than the essence/mehus of a lower level. We are looking at how a chocham/sage is more powerful/adif than a navi/prophet. Moses was told, 'My face you will not see', because it is not possible to gaze at the mehus/essence.

We are looking at how the reflection/ha-arah from a higher level is more powerful than the essence/mehus of a lower level. It is not just that it comes from a higher level, but that it is reflective of this higher level.

Sunlight has a function for us on earth, but it too has an essential quality – this is reflective of essential light that knows no darkness. This is the meaning of reflection/ha-arah from a higher level. The meaning of an essence of light is not the consumption of fuel. And we cannot really comprehend it. The sun is a mashal/metaphor for this. It manifests a different reality. We are given the opportunity to see that which we cannot understand.

Chochmah is external, but that which is seen in chochmah stands on its own and can be the basis for one's life. This is because it is a reflection/ha-arah from a higher level and one can sense the reality.

This is like 'kisses'. Why do souls desire the kisses? The kisses are only a reflection/ha-arah, but yet still there is an advantage. And it is appropriate that the souls desire this level, even though it is just a reflection. Kisses are from chochmah and binah – chabad. The principle of chabad is that there is a sense of intent. midot/emotions are an actual feeling. Something that actually exists has a feeling of 'I value it because I have it', but by contrast with kisses there is a sense of intent and looking forward...

zivug gufni/physical union is like the child. He is from the essence of the father, but he becomes an independent entity. Where is the connection seen? In the 'kisses'. It is a profoud suffering to not know who one's parents are. Why? This is because you're not a 'boy in a bubble' – you don't live in isolation – you couldn't live in a bubble with all your supplies – life is that which is part of the entire reality. The lack of knowing is zivug gufni, without 'kisses'. The kiss is intangible, but it says, 'yes, you were in my mind' and that is a completely different reality.

When there is a revelation of the element of 'kisses' then as a result the mehus/essence is also recognized in a higher way. It is given new depth and significance.

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