Monday, February 13, 2012

“The Tree” p: 71

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Monday 20 Shvat 5772 

Page 71 – about a third from the top of the page (line starts, 'kuli...')
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He let go the highest and the lowest worlds and the spiritual worlds that recognized Him and none satisfied him as being His particular choice, except for Israel, that was in the exile of Egypt at that time.

His pleasure is revealed and is expressed in the very lowest level – where there is 'just presence' – 'letters on the parchment'. These letters were given to this people, being brought out of slavery, where they had been reduced to subhuman status – and this is 'dirah betachtonim'/a dwelling for Him.

In our days we see that one can say, 'this is logical, this is the way I think of it...' and it can lead to a low depravity. This is due to being cut off from the Source and things being handled on the most external level.

There's a feeling of self-satisfaction, that precludes acknowledging Him. This is like Adam (when he was a composite of male and female) being alone and perfect in himself, and thus not recognizing the higher reality that makes him possible. When male and female were made distinct and he was presented with and ezer k'negdo / a helpmate, then their later union became based on acknowledging the One who made them...

The tree of knowledge is good and bad mixed together. And how is the good identified? The real good, not the practical artificial good, but the essential good? It comes by virtue of Torah and mitzvoth where the essential good is identified.

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