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“Wedding Feast” p: 69

AyinBase with R' Paltiel Friday 10 Shvat 5772 

Page 69 – lower third of the page (line starts, 'sel haratzon...')
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The principle distinction between inner and external (pnimius and chitzonius) is at the level of essential pleasure that is contained within Him. His whole essence connected and contained within Him.

The works of evil and good on the level of action could be indistinguishable. The 'evil' is constantly conquering the earth which is a G-dly command. The works of good constantly acknowledge the infinity of Him. The works of evil have infinity in the world. The difference is all in the essence.

The evil focuses on the meal and the good focuses on the host.

At a meal the food is enjoyable. But the presence of the host is beyond enjoyment. It is essential. The presence is beyond features – it is a fine human quality that does not lend itself to description beyond, 'he is here and I am here'.

The inner/pnimi level is inseparable from the essence. This essence could be 'unto itself' or it could be 'in company with you' and when in your company it does nothing different from what it does alone. It gives out what it has that is concealed within him. The only way to sense it is to be with him.

This is ratzon and oneg (pleasure and will) on the inner level. Within our human experience can be found the finest elements that have no tangibility and we can relate to them and understand them. And through these we can relate to G-d. The whole world is a metaphor for G-dliness.

The Essence is the one who chooses and makes the distinction between the inner and external levels.

Israel is very sensitive – we make a distinction – are we doing Torah for Him or because they are nice beautiful deeds.

One who has a wedding feast is in such a state of pleasure that he wants pleasure and satiation for all – even those distant from him. But his main will and pleasure is on his son, who is the groom at this feast. And then the members of his household. Still he wants also that even those distant from him should also delight. The joy comes from the essence which is limitless.

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