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“Joy Not Frivolity” p:9/7

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Adar 5775 

Page 9 of pamphlet – (at 6th line of second paragraph. Line begins: 'shehatorah...') , Page 7 in the book. For text see below.

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In mitzvoth there is His will and His intention. Torah applies to all things individually. Matters of Torah involve distinctions due to the light of chochmah that is in them...

Chochmah is the highest tip – the beginning of existence in world. It has an element of 'coming into existence'.

Chochmah is light. It does not impose itself on you. But you don't want to ignore it. It illuminates and brings the Godly element into the world.

Chochmah since it is involved with world has levels and distinctions. The will/ratzon, which is above this, is not involved with distinctions.

Tynug/delight is the inside of chochmah/wisdom. Chochmah recognizes the reality. Tynug is the reality. In essence tynug does not have distinctions, but as it comes into Torah, there are distinctions.

Tynug/delight is not arbitrary pleasure, just like joy and frivolity are different. Things come from a primary reality. Delight/tynug is the experience of that reality. This reality cannot be defined and identified in chochmah.

At Sinai, at the giving of the Torah, their souls flew out in pleasure – the delight of Torah was being revealed...!

The body couldn't handle it and their souls departed.

Ratzon/will does not become attenuated – it is at the same intensity at all levels. Tynug/delight does vary. Chochmah is underwritten by tynug, but it is initiated by ratzon/will.

There is a discussion about which is higher – tynug/delight or ratzon/will. They are equal but different. Ratzon compels and brings a directive. Tynug comes with a convincing stance...

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