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“Cannot Grasp the Sky” p:27/20

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Kislev 5776 

Hiking in the Cederberg, South Africa

Page 27 of pamphlet – (At second line from top of the page. Line starts: 'behem...'). Page 20 of the book. For text see below.

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The 'letters of reshimu' allow for full revelation of the infinite light.

Before the tzimtzum there was no aspect of 'thinginess'/metziut at all.

In our world you first notice the 'thing' itself, and then you assign or acknowledge the significance of the thing.

It is possible to have a thing and not even know that it has any significance. The truth is that everything is a Godly creation. A plain rock or piece of wood also have the the possibility showing Godly purpose, although their Godly potential might easily be overlooked.

In our world 'the idea does not exist on its own' – you have to have the 'thing' itself. Even in the world of thought you need to have a structure. In the world of sechel you have 2 levels. The real truth is sensed in chochmah, but this truth has no structure – it cannot really be grasped.

Before the tzimtzum there was only 'the Godly truth itself', without any element of presence of thing.

Binah may try to 'grasp the sky', but there is a reality beyond it. Chochmah can not be grasped and defined. And chochmah senses the emunah/faith that is above it.

Relative to binah, chochmah is non-thing.

Relative to touch, sight is non-thing.

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