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“Intellect & Faith” p:26/19

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Cheshvan 5776 

Page 26 of pamphlet – (At 2 lines from end of the page. Line starts: 'misham...'). Page 19 of the book. For text see below.

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We are saying that, in contrast to the light that is above atzilus, which is truly infinite, there is a light of atzilus that can extend all the way down to biyah.

It is this higher light that correlates the two levels – atzilus and the lower worlds of biyah.

The light of atzilus cannot itself facilitate passage to the lower levels since it is in vessels that are only appropriate to the level of atzilus.

And why is the light of atzilus needed? Can the higher light not just go an illuminate the lower world of biyah?

To answer let's re-examine the meaning of ohr/light. We don't mean the 'physical' light experienced in a worldly setting.

We can use the human being as a metaphor to sense this 'higher' light. Everyone knows and senses that the human presence emanates an aura, a light. What is this respect that the human presence ellicits?

The world was created. All the cats, rats, and ants where there. What was it lacking? When man was put into the world you now had the creation with the presence of the Creator!

If you just seek money for example it is a descent down to the level of animal life.

The human being, although in the world he nevertheless is independent of world. He stands on spirit. This is demonstrated in every aspect of human life. Look at his stance. He stands up.

If he is aloof, how does he affect the world? By means of ohr/light. The purpose and dignity that he brings.

The secret of this effect is called ohr/light. It is the human communication of what the world is.

The world will direct you that for a table to be steady it needs 4 legs, but the making of the table itself is conceptualized in the human spirit.

And where is light sensed? Does the stomach or the foot sense it? Where is it first recognized? It is recognized in the intelligence. This is his spirit as experienced in the body. The soul communicates to the intellect.

Intellect is beyond understanding how to navigate the world. It is a perception of reality. The human reality is identified by his spiritual presence. That he has a Godly soul. This can only be sensed in the intellect.

This intellect is atzilus.

We need ohr to extend into the lower world of biyah – this corresponds to thought, speech and action...

For the light of atztilus/intellect to influence these lower worlds you need something higher that encompasses both atzilus and the lower worlds.

Intellect is where Godliness becomes human, and faith is the Godly spark implanted in the human being.

A man who refuses to rise to the emunah/faith that is above his intellect will not sense it.

If a light from beyond the level of atzilus/intellect was provided it would be overwhelming to the world and person altogether. It is intellect that makes human action reasonable/sichli.

Ratzon/will forces the sechel into the level of kabbalat ol – directs it to get down to fulfilling a purpose.

And here follow 2 poems written by Yitzchak Bloom, inspired by this class:

According To What Torah Tells

According to what Torah tells,
Once into being He’d bring all
Then God created something else
Beyond each plant and animal.

Apart from everything beside,
From the beginning He began
Man’s purpose God identified
Was the objective of His plan.

That one creation which was not
Like any other, who’d reflect
His Maker, who had in him what
His Maker has—an intellect;

For it’s Man’s mind sets him apart
From everything but God Above.
God’s whole creation from the start

Had him to focus on God’s Love.

If There’s A Will There Is A Way

If there’s a will there is a way—
Whatever you are aiming for,
A central point of where you stay
Is just a point of furthermore.

Wherever you might want to go,
No limit’s set to just how far
You should be if you would be so—
Beginning wherever you are.

(A point one circle will surround,
Far out as any’s ever gone
Determines no essential bound
That any circle pivots on.)

So that those circles without end,
(Ad infinitum) which begin
Upon one point that they depend
Begin concentric all within.

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