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“Reality Beyond System” p:38

AyinBase / Ayin Beis with R' Paltiel, Adar II 5776 

Page 38 of the pamphlet – (a third into the page. Line starts: 'ummnum...') [page 29 in the book]. For text see below.

Questions and comments:

The kav is the beam of light that is the initial statement of reality. It is a kav because it is sequential and has a process/method. Above that there is no method – there is just reality itself.

There is a root for this even before the tzimtzum. This root is the 10 hidden sphirot.

Primary reality is completely different from reality itself.

What is the meaning of saying there is a source for the kav before the contraction? It does not have a meaning before the tzimtzum?!

It makes sense” is a personal statement of “I can relate to it”. And this has to do with the essence. It means “it fits with my reality”. All sechel is a derivative of this level.

The person's sechel is based on 'his reality'. He learns and experience and gets sechel... but it is base in 'reality' – his inner dynamic reality, since man has a sense of the Godly reality.

All that happens after the tzimtzum has a root before the tzimtzum.

The download of the kav is via the tzimtzum that happened first.

And even according to the Eitz Chaim who asserts that we can just pare away the infinite light and be left with the kav... there has to have been some level of contraction also within the kav.

There is a difference between how the 10 hidden sphirot are before the tzimtzum and how they are expressed within the kav.

And if it is reduced how is it the revelation of the hidden... as opposed to a download...

Revelation of the hidden (gilu hahelem)”, has a special meaning... it means a revelation of exactly how things are in their place, in contrast to a download which comes via a contraction which changes the whole picture.

Thought and speech are both a revelation.

Thought is a revelation of what is going on in your mind... and speech is the download/export that is presented to the outside... this is the difference between revelation and hamshacha (download).

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