Wednesday, May 17, 2017

“Above & Below” p73

“In the infinity itself there is the aspect of 10 sphirot which is a structure aimed ultimately at creation!”

“Above & Below” p73

Iyar 5777

P 73 [of the new pamphlet] at second paragraph of the page, at the line starting “ve’hinei…”.  [P 53 of the book]

There is a difference between ‘above and below’ and this is due to that difference existing in a certain way in the level of ohr ein sof.

 Chochmah/wisdom sees things from ‘above’ - from their inception.  It see how things belong, not just how they are present.

At the level of the 10 sphirot the elements of ‘above and below’ are present.  This has to do with the fact that they are dressed into vessels [or at least the intent and projection that they will be invested in vessels/keilim]. 

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