Friday, May 26, 2017

“Sense Yourself; Everything Justified” p74

“Real sensing of yourself is the actualization that you are a Godly creation.”

“Sense Yourself; Everything Justified” p74

Iyar 5777

P 74 [of the new pamphlet] lower quarter of the page, at the line starting “shemargish…”.  [P 55 of the book]

In emotions the element of vessel/keili is much more obvious than in sechel/mind. 

Real sensing of yourself is the actualization that you are a Godly creation.  [This is in contrast to the ego perspective.]  The creation comes after His will to reveal itself… this is the basic presence within which everything exists.  

This divine will justifies all of existence. 

This is like an invited guest at the wedding.

You are important.  You are invited.  You are created.  You are an actual participant.  It is a fine, true sense of self.  

Sense of self [hergash atzmi] is not a response to pain - it is a positive.  It is based on the fact that is life is dear to him [and not just reactive]. 

Your soul is dear to you because it is a divine gift.  Your fundamental  relationship to God Himself.  It has inherent value.  Life is dear to you.  This is why you want everything that is good for the soul.  

Because you value life, you identify a path in life.  You don’t want to be lost in the world, you want to proceed along a healthy path, because your soul is dear to you.

In the video below Rabbi Ginsburgh develops the point seen inside today's class - that your "sense of self" is a key part of your service and development... and he relates it to this week's Torah portion: Bemidbar...

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