Friday, June 23, 2017

“Down To The River” p77

Chochmah is a state that lacks vessels… there is no ‘grasp’ and translation.  It is a direct apprehension.”

“Down To The River” p77

Sivan 5777

P 77 [of the new pamphlet] At 4th line from end of the page - line starting “he…”.  [P 57 of the book]

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We are talking about how it is above and how it is in the soul/psyche of man.

At the level of chochmah/wisdom, there is much light and a scarcity of vessels. 

The level of bimah/understanding has more vessels and definitions.  It places the concept in a context - it turns it into a ‘thing’ - something identifiable. 

At the time of giving the Torah everyone was seeing the voice.  They could see what is usually heard.  i.e. binah was at the level of sight.

The more we ‘understand’ the more the miracle and wonder of life tends to be obscured from us.  

It says ‘in the future He will lift His hand over the river’ - the river is binah/understanding - this indicates the revelation of the inner element of Torah… 

This will be the revelation of chochmah/wisdom in binah/understanding… this is like the splitting of the sea was a preparation for the giving of Torah.  Before the giving of the Torah there was a need for the splitting - sea is the element of kingship/malchus which hides within it the lights of atzilus/essence.

And giving of Torah is the revelation of the essence.  So too in the future with the revelation of the inner element of Torah - the essence of wisdom/chochmah will be revealed.

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