Monday, June 12, 2017

“Look To The Sky” p75

The self is put aside.  The mind is drawn to that which is higher - above self.”

“Look To The Sky” p75

Sivan 5777

P 75 [of the new pamphlet] 8th line from end of the page, at the line starting “she-zeh-poel…”.  [P 55 of the book]

Emotions are based on self awareness.

Mind/sechel by contrast is based on a negation of self.

The self is put aside.  The mind is drawn to that which is higher - above self.  

Higher means further from tangibility.  It can only be know by mind/sechel.  Not by any other faculty. 

What you can grasp by hand is worldly.  The world is infinite, but it is not perceived that way.  It is seen as tangible, defined elements. 

When you look at the sky, there is no sense of definition and tangibility.  This is what the mind is drawn to. 

The sechel/mind lives with that reality.  Where do you live?  The environment is the infinite reality that cannot be apportioned in worldly terms.  Mochin/mind brings a sense of bitul/humility.  

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