Tuesday, August 8, 2017

“Daylight” p85

“In binah the light continues to shine - it shines broadly - not as a bright point.“

“Daylight” p85

Menachem Av 5777

P 84 [of the new pamphlet] At about 10th line of the page - line starting “bo…”  [P 63 of the book]

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The level of chochmah/wisdom has more light than binah/understanding.

A situation can be illuminated by the sky, or through a window, or through a small opening… Each type of illumination is different.

Daylight is unique.  The original daylight preceded the creation of the sun!  

Daylight is beyond a finite purpose.  It is light that eliminates darkness.  

Compare that to a room illuminated by light coming through a window.  There the light has a function - illuminate this room…  

These 2 levels compare to chochmah/wisdom - truth as it is in its original state, which is beyond proof; and binah/understanding - truth via a window, which deals with function and purpose. 

Light is present at the most practical level.  Binah and all the ‘back and forth’ of legal ruling [psak] is light on a defined level.  

On the one hand a ruling is revealing the decision, on the other hand it conceals all the preceding argumentation is concealed, but the light concealed…

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