Monday, September 20, 2010

Constant thought

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/20/2010 Monday 12 Tishrei 5771

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Page 30 – at the 9th line starts, “shoshanah...”

Oneg has a truth quality – something that stand on its own. Physical oneg may be profound, but there is a subject and an experience – it is not truth in and of itself and thus cannot really stand on its own. It has a higher level that gives it importance.

One can get distracted from the truth of a simcha, by all the preparations and details, but the sechel of the simcha is held up by emunah, which attests to its truth.

This is “govayah mayal govayah shomer” - the higher level gives it a sense of reality. This extends all the way to atzilus. Everything finds its element of truth there. Without this one may see the whole world as circumstantial.

Atzilus is like the intermediary between ohr ein sof and the creation. Like chochmah is the intermediary between tynug and the faculties.

Things come out of the essence into revelation. It can be that when revealed it is still in a state of potential. You cannot read without learning the alef – base, you cannot imagine the activity of reading. Potential is already a big gilui. In ohr ein sof the creation is not even in a state of potential.

... וחיי עולם

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