Monday, September 27, 2010

The experience of infinity

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/26/2010 Sunday 18 Tishrei 5771

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Page 30 – about a third from the top, line starts, “ubechinat hatynug...”

We said that atzilus is the revelation of ohr ein sof. Being that it is revelation – the primary element is tynug. Oneg represents an element that is fully self contained – real in and of itself – which is an atribute we usually only apply to ohr ein sof. Oneg is the experience of infinity.

Oneg does not beg for a source of basis. On a trivial level, a sweet taste can make you feel good - “you're being treated, taken care of, attended to...” If you eat 2 candies in a row, then it becomes just physical. And the physical/gashmi lacks inherent oneg. Atzilus is the source of oneg.

To draw oneg down it has to be connected to the source. It has to have an element of infinity. The serpent eats dust – and walks on its belly – you have food and never fall – sounds great! The human stands on two legs and has to hold himself up. You would think this would make the serpent secure and calm, but he is jealous and venomous. The snake sees the world - “it is a lot, but it is not infinite – he has lost his connection with infinity and never experiences oneg”.

Chochmah ilah is from the top down – atzilus is an emanation not a creation. In our world there is a world and it has a source. In atzilus it is the opposite, there is a Source and hence there is a world. This is chochmah ilah.

This chochmah ilah is the torah of atzilus. For us the difference between torah and our own wisdom is that the torah is a directive from above.

Torah comes from the top and says, “I want you to do this...” Chochmah ilah of atzilus is torah.

When Socrates came above he requested the same Gan Eden (Garden of Eden) as Avraham Avinu. They answered him, “you gave your life for your convictions, but Avraham gave himself over for G-d.”

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... וחיי עולם

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