Sunday, September 19, 2010

A river flows through it... a river flows from it...

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/19/2010 Sunday 11 Tishrei 5771 

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Page 29 – about last quarter of the page. Line starts, “kenaal...”

We're still looking at the matter of domim / inanimate matter. The oneg is spread through all levels of the person and the faculties, by means of the chochmah. Actually the oneg is imbued into the physical/gashmi world. It is so much part of it that the nefesh itself gains pleasure from this specific faculty – whether sight or hearing etc...

This oneg of hashem is what keeps each element of the creation in existence. “Tynug in the gold, silver and precious stones” is understood how? A sound disturbs the eardrum, but the pleasant sound is pursued, and he wants to hear it again... this indicates oneg. The world exists for the moment, continually changing and if something exists the next moment, it is due to a flow of life from the source. So the constancy of the word is a sign infinity – of His input. The continued existence of all materials is by virtue of His oneg.

The oneg does not belong to the silver and gold – it is dressed in it and is expressed through it, but it does not carry it on its own.

This is the bringing of elokus into the world in the most “face to face” level. The world is created at every moment. This is the sechel of it, but it doesn't bring you to recognize elokus of it. To recognize His presence in the world is by seeing the oneg/beauty in the world. “Gold is telling you something way beyond the statement that, 'I exist'”.

Just the taste of grain, has such richness that it call forth and arouses the daas in the baby and he first calls “father/mommy”.

All the tynug/pleasure is sourced in the the river that runs through and from Edan. It is said that in the garden of Eden is the ruchnius/spirituality of that which we have in physicality.

Take for example the octupuss – which is so different from the normal structure. At first it is totally outside our experience, yet after a while we relate to it. We in our soul have much more depth and a relationship to the truth far beyond what our sechel and intellect allows. This means that ultimately we can relate to everything you observe in the world.

Nothing exists in the world except that it has a source at a G-dly level. This is why it is so real and we can realate to it.

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... וחיי עולם

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