Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Seeing through it

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/12/2010 Sunday 4 Tishrei 5770 

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Page 29 – about middle of the page. Line starts, “hakochot...”

The main point is that chochmah is the intermediary between nefesh/oneg and the finite experience.

Chochmah is a vessel for the “essential lights”. Chochmah to us means “wisdom”, but we said that oneg is this unique element that emanates from the nefesh and is the true representation of the nefesh. So even though oneg has this truth element, nevertheless, there is an experience involved, an element of satisfaction, so thus not just focused on pure truth. Etzem/essence is where experience is totally irrelevant.

Essence is present, without the qualifications of presence. oneg/pleasure has the parameters of experience. Who can relate to truth just because it's true, not because it is experienced? Who has that level of self-effacement? That is the level called chochmah. It is a pure window, but it also beyond a window since it allows you to relate to that which is invisible.

The “natural nefesh” is different in that it can relate to worldliness. The nefesh ha-elokis relates to G-dliness not world.

The natural soul – it is also a living entity. It is on the level of cause and effect. It has a reactive quality. Nefesh elokis has a different nature, it doesn't relate to “occurrences”.

Nefesh elokis doesn't see something because it blocks its line of vision – it sees through the object to the truth of it.

The nefesh elokis is taking initiative.

The difference between elolkus and world is that wold does not exist, till you prove it exists. This is true in out daily experience. Things are here since I see them and you can walk through the table – there are not true objects in the world – everything is incidental and discovered.

Elokus doesn't have the whole element of non-existence. The activity is to connect to the richness that is in elokus – hehistaklah byikarah deMalka.

Looking at the world with an open eye is looking at the actual grandeur of the world without concern of its utility. This is the eye of the nefesh eloki.

... וחיי עולם

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