Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Space makes a statement... “the sky's the limit!”

AyinBase with R' Paltiel 9/28/2010 Tuesday 20 Tishrei 5771

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The ohr ein sof becomes part of the chochmah. It is not merely that chochmah is a conduit, it is able to relate to ohr ein sof and disseminate this to other kochot.

The mashal for this is sight. Sight is sechel on a gashmius level. The seeing of space provides the profound reality that we experience in sight. Seeing space versus seeing an object – when you see the object you see where it is present and where it is not, you can turn away from it. You cannot turn away from space – in our experience this is like infinity.

However space allows for objects to be placed there. This is how infinity is dressed in finitude. Space includes the possibility for everything. Space has the paradox of providing for everything and yet not grasped by the objects.

The infinity 0f space: anything that exists is not infinite, anything that needs to be made is not infinite. The world is constantly being made. The concept of infinity is something that does not have to be made – this is ratzon – the G-dly will. Will represents something that is there without having to be created.

Chochmah is like this – it has the infinity of space and has the finitude of providing for specific elements. Space is a mashal – it shows we are capable of rising to a level and perceiving matters that are higher than world. Truth is not world and the world is butel to the truth. The world exists within infinity, which is the real thing that supports it.

Imagine a structure being built in an open field. No streets, no city. Inside the building he divides it into rooms. The purpose of the house becomes apparent – it is a house for people – not a storage barn. When it is apparent which room is the dining room, it is the makor galui (revealed source) for the dining room table and chairs.

Atzilus is only a makor, but it is a makor galui. Chochmah doesn't provide the table, but calls for it. Chochmah says, “this is a dining room” and bina says, “hmmm, let's see how to do this, we need a table, how big should it be? We need chairs... etc”

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... וחיי עולם

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